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YaraTera Rexolin X60 5kg [HBED Ferum}


YaraTera Rexolin X60 5kg [HBED Ferum}

RM 290.00

Category: Water Soluble Fertilizer

Brand: Yara

Quantity: 9




Weight(grams): 5500

Dimension: 33 cm (Length) x 15 cm (Width) x 20 cm (Height)


  • High performance iron chelates

YaraTera Rexolin X60 is a high quality microgranular HBED chelate containing 6% iron, with all 6% of the iron as the ortho-ortho isomer. The micro granular formulation is stable, fully water-soluble and non-dusting. Ideal for use in agriculture and horticulture in both soil and hydroponic applications. The product is specifically formulated to provide maximum crop safety. This helps to ensure that application will not cause damage to the crop which can reduce its market value.


The YaraTera REXOLIN™ range of products are fully water soluble chelated micronutrients. They ensure micronutrients remain available to the crop and avoid the risk of precipitation or fixation. Suited to application through all fertigation systems – drip, low throw sprinklers, centre pivots and spray applications.


Product Specification

Weight 5kg
Content 6.0% w/w = 60g/kg Fe-HBED (100% o-o)
*The ortho-ortho isomer of HBED as measured by EN13368-2
Chelate HBED
pH Range 3.5 ~ 12
Form Micro granular
Appearance Dark Red-Brown
Origin Netherlands
  • To be used only where there is a recognized need.
  • Do not exceed the appropriate dose rates



The product is not flammable material, but if involved in a fire, it may decompose and give off hazardous fumes. Keep away from combustible material.



Store away from sources of heat or fire, combustible materials and chemicals.

Store under cover, on a dry and smooth surface, and protect from direct sunlight.



Empty the bag by shaking to remove as much as possible of its contents. Empty bags may be disposed of as non-hazardous material or returned for recycling.



Use recommended application rates.


*Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or monitor's display.

*Availability and price subject to change and/or prior sale. You may check stock ava

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