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YaraSuna Organic Fertilizer (Powder) 25kg (Yara Suna)
YaraSuna Organic Fertilizer (Powder) 25kg (Yara Suna)


YaraSuna Organic Fertilizer (Powder) 25kg (Yara Suna)

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Weight(grams): 25500

Dimension: 55 cm (Length) x 45 cm (Width) x 14 cm (Height)

YaraSuna Organic Fertilizer (Powder)

YaraSuna is an organic fertilizer made of 100% fermented chicken manure and rice husk.

  • Weight : 25kg
  • Form : Powder
  • Appearance : Brown
  • Origin : Malaysia


Organic Matter >50%
Nitrogen (N) Min 1.5%
Phosphorus (P) Min 2%
Potassium (K) Min 2%
Moisture >30%
PH 7-8
C:N Ratio 21:1
Ingredients: 100% fermented chicken manure, and rice husk.


Leafy & Fruity Vegetable 1mt/acres -Replenish every replanting cycle for leafy vegetable
-Fruity vegetable recommended every month replenish 1mt/acre.
Fruit Tree (jackfruit, guava etc.) 3-7kg/tree Every 3 month replenishment.
Durian 1mt/acre Recommend after every complete cycle of harvesting.
Planting Hole 1-2kg/hole Recommend for oil palm and fruit tree.
Rubber Tree 0.5-1.0/tree After tree shedding leaves season.
Oil Palm 5-10kg/tree Once a year.
Banana 1kg/tree -Replanting
-Replenish once following 2 months of planting.
Papaya 3-7kg/tree Every 3 months


Store in a dry, cool and well ventilated place and protect from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with heat/fire sources, incompatible materials, food and drinks. The product must be contained in its own labelled packaging. Close the bag tightly when not in use. Recommended not to store more than 3 months to avoid caking. 


The product itself is not combustible, but it can support combustion. Use soaking water to extinguish. Avoid breathing dust, vapors or fumes from burning substances.


Empty the bag by shaking to remove as much as possible of its contents. Empty bags may be disposed of as non-hazardous material or returned for recycling.


  • May be harmful if swallowed.
  • Avoid inhaling dust, vapors or fumes of burning substances. 
  • Rinse with plenty of water if swallowed or in contact with eyes. Wash hand after handling. 
  • If you feel unwell, seek medical attention.

*Dosage and application rates are for reference only. The actual dosage shall be adjusted according to real time situations. 
*Product colour may vary slightly due to photographic lighting sources or the monitor's display.
*Availability and price are subject to change and/or prior sale. You may check stock availability with us. 
*Colour might be different from batch to batch.

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