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YaraTera Ferticare Lettuce 7-9-37+3.5MgO+micro 25kg
YaraTera Ferticare Lettuce 7-9-37+3.5MgO+micro 25kg
YaraTera Ferticare Lettuce 7-9-37+3.5MgO+micro 25kg


YaraTera Ferticare Lettuce 7-9-37+3.5MgO+micro 25kg

RM 308.00

Quantity: 33




Weight(grams): 26500

Dimension: 57 cm (Length) x 43 cm (Width) x 13 cm (Height)


  • 7-9-37 (3.5, 13) (N-P2O5-K2O+MgO+SO3+micro)
  • 7.3-9-30.7 (2.1, 5.2) (N-P-K+Mg+S+micro)
  • EC= 1.2 mS/cm (1 g/l)
  • EC Fertilizer
  • NPK fertilizer containing Magnesium oxide (MgO) and Sulphur trioxide (SO2)
  • NPK fertilizer containing Magnesium (Mg) and Sulphur (S) with micro-nutrients blend
  • Fully water-soluble 'low in chloride'
  • With Fe- EDDHA, to secure a healthy green crop color
  • UN1479 OXIDISING SOLID, N.O.S. (Potassium nitrate)


YaraTera are a complete range of fully soluble fertilisers for use in fertigation systems so both nutrients and water can be managed to maximise both yield and quality. Soluble straights for those preparing their own nutrient solutions with the Krista-range together with Calcinit; or the all in-one easy to use method with the Kristalon range.


YaraTera™ FERTICARE™ LETTUCE is a crop specific, fully water-soluble NPK product range for fertigation systems (hydroponic grade), made from the highest quality raw materials.

  • 100% water soluble
  • Pure and homogenous/uniform
  • No residue/segregation
  • Free flowing/non-caking, and free of dust
  • Free of Urea!
  • Avoids a pH drop / burned roots
  • Metal trace elements are Chelated
  • A stable pH in the root environment

Only two additional fertilizers are needed to fine-tune each recipe throughout the season

  • YaraLiva CALCINIT
  • YaraTera KRISTA K PLUS

BENEFITS of YaraTera:

  • Dissolves fast and completely in water without leaving any residues
  • Free of insoluble and phytotoxic compounds
  • Very low sodium and chloride levels
  • Non-cracking, non-segregating
  • Low EC values
  • Dust-free
  • Quick overall dissolution in water
  • No risk of clogging to fertigation system



Weight 25kg
Form Powder
Appearance Green
Origin Netherlands


Total Nitrogen(N) 7.0%

  • 7.0% Nitric Nitrogen(N)


9.0% Phosphorus pentoxide(P2O5) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and in water

  • 3.9% Phosphorus(P) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and in water

9.0% Water-soluble Phosphorus pentoxide(P2O5)

  • 3.9% Water-soluble Phosphorus(P)


Potassium oxide(K2O) Water-soluble 37%

---Potassium(K) Water-soluble 30.7%


Magnesium oxide(MgO) Water-soluble 3.5%

---Magnesium(Mg) Water-soluble 2.1%


Sulphur trioxide(SO3) Water-soluble 13.0%

---Sulphur(S) Water-soluble 5.2%


Mixture of micronutrients, totally water-soluble:

  • 0.020% Boron(B)
  • 0.004% Copper(Cu) chelated by EDTA
  • 0.15% Iron(Fe) total
    • 0.14% Iron(Fe) chelated by DTPA
    • 0.01% Iron(Fe) chelated by EDDHA
  • 0.033% Manganese(Mn) chelated by EDTA
  • 0.003% Molybdenum(Mo)
  • 0.021% Zinc(Zn) chelated by EDTA

Always in 2nd stock tank to avoid precipitation (A+B system).


Warning. May intensify fire; oxidiser. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking. Store away from combustible materials and chemicals. In case of fire, it may decompose and give off hazardous fumes. Do not breathe fumes. Flood with water and ventilate freely.



Store away from sources of heat or fire, combustible materials and chemicals.

Store under cover, on a dry and smooth surface, and protect from direct sunlight.



Empty the bag by shaking to remove as much as possible of its contents. Empty bags may be disposed of as non-hazardous material or returned for recycling.



Use recommended application rates.


*Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or the monitor's display.

*Availability and price are subject to change and/or prior sale. You may check stock availability. 

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