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YaraMila 16-16-16  50kg


YaraMila 16-16-16 50kg

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Weight(grams): 51000

Dimension: 55 cm (Length) x 100 cm (Width) x 20 cm (Height)

YARAMILA 16-16-16

•YaraMila 16-16-16 is a prilled compound fertilizer designed to maximize crop yield and quality. Every prill of YaraMila contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as secondary and micronutrients, ensuring balanced nutrition to meet the crop’s nutrient requirement. 

•YaraMila contains an excellent combination of immediately available Nitrate Nitrogen and slower releasing Ammonium Nitrogen. 

•This balanced nitrogen source results in faster growth responses, higher yield and bigger produce. Also, a more efficient nitrogen source means a lower loss of nutrients to the environment. 

•Yara's nitrophosphate production process gives YaraMila a unique combination of polyphosphates and orthophosphates. These forms give greater availability of soluble phosphate to crops over a wide range of soil types. 

•The polyphosphate component of the product also assists the crop’s uptake of micronutrients. 

•YaraMila uses MOP (potassium chloride) as the potassium source. Potassium is important for all crops as it improves plant tolerance to stress and many plant diseases. Potassium is also vital to the regulation of water movement through the plant. 

•YaraMila prill is specifically designed to allow easy and accurate spreading by machine or hand.


Weight : 50kg

Form : Prilled

Appearance : Blue

Origin : Norway



Total Nitrogen (N) 16%

---9.5% Ammonium-N

---6.5% Nitrate-N


Total Phosphate (P2O5) 16%

---16% Citrate Soluble P2O5

---11.2% Water Soluble P2O5


Total Potassium (K2O) 16%




The product is not flammable material, but if involved in a fire, it may decompose and give off hazardous fumes. Keep away from combustible material.

In case of fire, do not breathe fumes. Flood with water and ventilate freely.



Store away from sources of heat or fire, combustible materials and chemicals.

Store under cover, on a dry and smooth surface, and protect from direct sunlight.



Empty the bag by shaking it to remove as much as possible of its contents. Empty bags may be disposed of as non-hazardous material or returned for recycling.



Use recommended application rates.



*Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or the monitor's display.

*Availability and price are subject to change and/or prior sale. You may check stock availability with us.

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