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Azud 2” BSP 130 Micron Disc Filter


Azud 2” BSP 130 Micron Disc Filter

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AZUD MODULAR 100 is the manual filter series for exclusive use for irrigation water filtration application. Manufactured in plastic which ensures easy maintenance, high resistance and durability.

Flows up to 25 m³/h (110 gpm).



  1. Maximum quality and safety in filtration.
    In a wide range of filtration grades in discs and screens.

  2. Large filtering area results in less maintenance.
    Allows for a reduction in the frequency and level of maintenance labour. The filter elements can be removed for cleaning.

  3. Robustness.
    The base and lid are manufactured in high quality thermoplastic.

  4. Threaded closure system.
    Efficient from low to high pressures.

  5. Gasket set in the lid.
    This avoids loss or wear during maintenance.

  6. Equipped with auxiliary connections.
    – Lid has threaded connections, which allows easy draining or pressure relief.
    – Ports of pressure gauges.

  7. Easy handling.
    No tools are required for maintenance.

  8. Easy installation.

  9. Resistance to chemical products.
    With special gaskets.



2" BSP

Maximum recommended flow
25 m2/h  or  110 gpm

Filtration area (discs)
535 cm2  or  83 in2

Filtration area (screen)
490 cm2  or  76 in2

Additional Info.

  • Disc filter element with threaded closure for easy handling. This ensures the compression of the discs and prevents accidental loss.
  • Screen filter element manufactured in plastic and stainless steel.


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