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YaraRega 13-4-25+9S+Zn+B 50kg


YaraRega 13-4-25+9S+Zn+B 50kg

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SKU: YRRG130425-50

YARAREGA 13-4-25+9S+Zn+B

YaraRega™ - the first water-soluble granular NPK range for field fertigation

Fertigation and Dry Applied NPKs

The YaraRega product portfolio consists of water-soluble compound NPKs with a specially formulated coating for convenient use through fertigation, but allowing soil applications as well. The products have very low levels of insolubles designed for improved and convenient dissolution performance.

YaraRega products were designed to serve growers who are dissolving standard fertilizers in spray solutions and macro-irrigation, traditional furrow and basic micro-irrigation systems.

The YaraRega portfolio is ammonium-nitrate based with balanced nutrient compositions. All nutrients are water-soluble and readily available to the plant.


Can be used in any irrigation system from the most basic to the most technologically advanced.


First water-soluble granular NPK fertilizer, thanks to Yara technology. Fertigation is now more cost-effective.


Nutritionally-balanced for fertigation, offering the full spectrum of elements for all a plant needs.
  • NPK water soluble fertilizer
  • SOP fertilizer with added Zinc and Boron
  • EC fertilizer
  • Chloride free
  • Both dry and wet application
  • High potassium, High N:K ratio of 1:1.9
  • Designed for rapid uptake and long term feeding power
  • High water solubility compound (99% solubility)
  • Insolubles are smaller than 100 microns

YaraRega™ is the new global brand for water-soluble NPK fertilizers for field fertigation. Yara’s technology has transformed a granular product into a water-soluble fertilizer, making it the first of its kind and more affordable than other water-soluble fertilizers on the market.

YaraRega™ is a competitive alternative to traditional fertigation fertilizers and has been designed for field crops irrigated with drippers or spray units.
  • Dissolution convenience: highly water soluble (<1% insoluble)
  • Excellent benefit / cost ratio
  • Superior handling: better storage and transportation
  • Balanced and efficient macro and micronutrients - soluble in water

YaraRega products have been designed to meet the nutritional needs of a wide range of field fertigation crops at all growth stages, which simplifies farm operations by reducing the number of fertigation fertilizers needed for your crops. Just one solution can take the place of several, while supplying the same balance of nutrients.

The YaraRega range contains products with differing ratios of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and sulphur. Most also contain differing levels of magnesium, zinc and boron. YaraRega provides balanced nitrate-based nutrition (macro & micro nutrients) and, because it’s a compound NPK fertilizer, all granules have the same NPK balance (all nutrients in one granule).

Weight 50kg
Form Granular
Appearance White
Origin Finland


13% Total Nitrogen(N) 
—-5.3% Nitrate-N 
—-7.7% Ammonium-N 

4.0% Total Phosphate(P2O5) 
—-3.6% Water Soluble P2O5 

25% Total Potassium (K2O) 
0.24% Magnesium (MgO) water soluble 
9% Sulphur (S) 
0.08% Zinc (Zn) 
0.08% Boron (B) 



The product is not flammable material, but if involved in a fire, it may decompose and give off hazardous fumes. Keep away from combustible material.

In case of fire, do not breathe fumes. Flood with water and ventilate freely.

Danger. Causes serious eye irritation. May damage fertility or the unborn child. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. 


Store away from sources of heat or fire, combustible materials and chemicals.

Store under cover, on a dry and smooth surface, and protect from direct sunlight.



Empty the bag by shaking to remove as much as possible of its contents. Empty bags may be disposed of as non-hazardous material or returned for recycling.



Use recommended application rates.


*Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or monitor's display.

*Availability and price subject to change and/or prior sale. You may check stock ava

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