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Advansia Axtra Roots 5L


Advansia Axtra Roots 5L


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Weight(grams): 6000

Dimension: 21 cm (Length) x 16 cm (Width) x 31 cm (Height)

Advansia Axtra Roots 

  • More roots, more fruits!
  • High quality liquid humid and fulvic acids derived from America Leonardite 
  • *No insoluble
  • #1 in Spain!

Guarenteed Contents:

  • Total humid extract (THE) 16.5%
  • Humid Acid 13.2% w/v
  • Fulvic Acid 3.3% w/v

Why Axtra Roots?

  • 100% soluble 
  • pH13 to reduce soil acidity 
  • Stimulate more fine roots for more yield
  • Strongly improve uptakes of fertilizer 
  • Increased organic content in soil  

Main Benefits:

  • Promotes root elongation and secondary root development in all crops
  • Greater optimization and efficiency of fertilizer, soil nutrients, water and etc.
  • Suitable to improve soil structure and improve cation exchange capacity 
  • Efficient response to hydric stress by increasing soil water capacity 
  • Reduces nitrogen leeching
  • Extract from America Leonardite, guaranteeing the maximum concentration of humid acid / fulvic acid ratio 

Application method: 

  • Drip application 
  • Sprinkler / Pivot
  • Soil spray
  • Growth substrate 

Dosage for drenching / soil spraying

  • 100ml per 20 litre of water
  • At 15-30 days intervals

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